Earthworm - Large (42cm)

by Gunter's Fables
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Earthworm lives underground and his contribution to a balanced ecosystem is not easily seen. Some may think him an ugly creature, but this does not mean that his contribution is not appreciated. Regardless of his appearance, he has a role to play in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. He teaches us that we all have a role to play in maintaining the balance, and that everyone has a place and a mission when it comes to living sustainably.

These toys each represent one of the five kingdoms of Nature which are all necessary on our planet to maintain a balanced ecosystem! The toys are intended to be used alongside the fables to help teach your children about the wonders of nature and the techniques we can use in our daily lives to produce and consume materials sustainably.

Our toys are carefully handmade with love and natural materials and each toy has a unique personality for a unique boy or girl. 


Quality Features

  • Hand assembled with precision and care.
  • Durable and sewn to last years of love and attention.
  • Made from natural materials.
  • 42cm in length.
  • Suitable for children 3yrs and up, or younger with adult supervision.

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