The 5 Kingdoms of Nature

The Fable Shop toys and dolls are part of an exclusive collection of characters based on Gunter’s Fables.

Each toy and doll brings a message of change to a child, and to the rest of the world. This message is based on Science and Nature – and inspired by love.
As part of the Magenta Cycle, the toys are locally made in South Africa, using natural fibres such as wool, mohair, cotton and organic rice. Non-toxic dyes are used throughout.

Inspired by Katherina Bach’s illustrations and designed in collaboration with Soulplay, our toys are carefully handmade with love and natural materials and each toy has a unique personality – for a unique boy or girl.

This range represents the Five Kingdoms of Nature, namely Monera (bacteria), Protista (algae), Fungi (mushrooms), Plants and Animals, which sustain life on our planet. 

Bacteria Band (18cm)

Bacteria Band (18cm)

Gunter's Fables


Mrs Bacterium has a positive outlook on life and loves to share her joy with all. She has confidence in her ability to overcome difficult situatio...

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