Drink it, Wear it / Beba-o, Use-o / (English - Portuguese) Digital

by Gunter's Fables

Can we use the coffee waste for manufacturing of clothing? Yes! It is possible!

This story covers the fascinating advances in technology that are utilising coffee waste to produce the most fabulous materials. The old story of the "hare and the tortoise" is the inspiration for this great story! Children will learn, that coffee can be used for making a cup of coffee but also for farming mushrooms and producing clothing with UV properties and that can even absorb bad odours!

Did you know that we only ingest 0.2% of the coffee bean when we drink a cup of coffee? 99.8% is wasted?

Languages: English - Portuguese

Pages: 39

Author: Gunter Pauli

Illustrations: Katherina Bach

Full colour 

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