Gunter’s Fables Toys and dolls are part of the exclusive collection of characters from Gunter’s Fables.

Designed and Inspired by Katherina Bach’s illustrations and with a collaboration of Soul Play, Gunter’s Fables toys and dolls bring a message of change to the children and the rest of the world, based on science and nature and inspired by love.

They are locally made in South Africa, using natural fibres such as wool, mohair, cotton, organic rice and non-toxic dyes as part of the ‘’BlueCycle”.

Each toy has been made very carefully with love and giving each of them a unique personality for a unique boy or girl.

They represent the 5 Kingdoms of Nature that we all need on our planet to live in a sustainable world! Also, to make a tribute to all children and cultures from around the world, that independent of their culture or beliefs want to transform mother earth in a better place to live!

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