157: Live Forever | English | Printed

by Gunter's Fables

Do you know that there’s a creature that can survive in extreme heat and cold, are found everywhere from the deep sea and mud volcanoes, to tropical rainforests and Antarctica? Well, be prepared to learn about Tardigrades! These tiny animals are known to survive without water for 30 years. They are on average half a millimetre in size, the biggest ones are 1.5 mm long. Tardigrades even survive in outer space and could be populating other planets. Something else to inspire us! That is why this is such an important Fable, understanding that even the small, the seemingly insignificant, the unknown and yet very diverse organisms that live everywhere on Earth – and perhaps even in outer space – are the building blocks of life.

This Fable was inspired by Susanna De Zio Grimaldi. She has studied Tardigrades from all over the world and has identified new ones from the Mediterranean Sea, Northern Africa, the Tyrrhenian Sea in Sardinia, the Tuscan Sea, Asdhu Island in the Male Nord Atoll of the Maldive Islands, and San Domino Island off the Adriatic Sea, and sub-Antarctic Macaroni Bay in Marion Island. Through her research and contributions to hundreds of publications and reference works, she has put Tardigrades on the world map.

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