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by Gunter's Fables

All over the world hundreds of thousands of people are bitten and affected by ticks. The health impact of this debilitating disease triggers information campaigns and strategies to combat the proliferation of these members of the arachnid family. Ticks have acute sensors which detect the carbon dioxide exhaled with each breath, and the ammonia in sweat and urine. Although ticks are considered dangerous pests, every organism serves an ecological purpose, and the tick is no exception; ticks help control populations of larger hosts and serve as a critical food source for many animals.

This Fable was inspired by Holly Gaff. Holly studies the ecology of ticks and tick-borne diseases. She works in the field and undertakes mathematical modelling both in the USA and in Kwazulu-Natal Province (South Africa), where she is a post-doctoral fellow. She heads the Tick Research Team at the Department of Biological Sciences of the Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia (USA).

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