And it only has just begun ...!

About Us

The fables ask the obvious questions we never asked: how did the apple get up in the tree? why do we say a cup is half full when it is full with water and air? how does life and diversity emerge every year in a pool of water that dries out? There are thousands of surprises in each of the stories introducing us to a web of life and sciences. The first fable was written 20 years ago (Strongest Tree) and dozens have been used around the globe. The next decade will see the publication of all 365 fables - my dream to bring every child one a day- each accompanied by insights into the science, the arts, the emotions that clarify to children the positive role they can play. I have 200 ready, and am over half in my life dream. I want my children to be healthy and happy, ready to accept the challenge with an open mind to learn, act and make a difference. My wish is not that the children do better than I have done, my wish is that my children do what I could never have imagined and determine their path in life, beyond what I foresaw. Will you join me in this? Gunter Pauli