About Us

Gunter’s Fables were born from a father’s love for his children. The set of fables was created by the visionary economist, Gunter Pauli, as a way to help his own children understand his work on the interconnection of Nature and Science, and how we all can benefit from understanding and applying the efficiency, innovation and intelligence of natural ecosystems. Since The Strongest Tree, the first fable, was written over twenty years ago, hundreds more have followed, and have been made available to children around the globe in a wide range of languages.

The next decade will see the completion of the publication of the entire set of 365 fables – one for each day of the year. Each fable addresses ways in which one or more of our basic needs, such as energy, water, food, health, education, employment and housing can be satisfied by applying the principles of ZERI and the Blue Economy, in an ethical manner.

Each fable consists of an entertaining and engaging narrative for children to enjoy, whether reading it themselves or having it read to them by parents and teachers. This is followed by a compilation of informative and insightful information – always based on scientific fact – which aims at inspiring the young readers to accept responsibility and become innovative in making their dreams a reality too – as Gunter has done, and continues to do.

The teaching materials included in the set contain information for parents and teachers on the application of all this information, in order to broaden the learner’s knowledge base in various academic disciplines, including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Economics Ethics, History Geography, Mathematics, Lifestyle, Sociology and Psychology. It also contains information sections on Emotional Intelligence, the Arts, Systems (how to connect all the information), and the capacity to implement the knowledge gained.

Gunter’s Fables, mindfully authored by Gunter Pauli and delightfully illustrated by Katherina Bach, is a comprehensive learning system that provides the information and skills that will inspire and enable children of all ages to play a positive and responsible role in shaping a more sustainable society and environment for the future.