Ecological Initiatives

The Fable Shop is committed to an array of ecological initiatives that share our values and contribute to our business model and vision for change. We believe that real change can only be achieved through alliances with other organisations that complement our vision and contribute to the greater ecosystem.

Planting Trees

The Fable Shop contributes a percentage of sales to planting trees. We have partnered with Greenpop (South Africa), an environmental social enterprise, Las Gaviotas (Colombia), and other non-profit organisations worldwide that plant trees, as part of urban greening and innovative reforestation projects, increasing environmental awareness, and activating people through presenting green festivals and workshops. We thoroughly agree with the Greenpop slogan, You are tree-mendous! and would like to encourage all to become involved in planting trees.

Our goal is to encourage people to contribute towards improving the natural balance of the Earth by employing our communal synergy, and by expressing an attitude of gratitude to the planet that sustains us. This initiative aims to minimise our carbon footprint and inspire all to give more to the Earth than we take from it.

Sustainable Business Practices

At The Fable Shop we practice sustainable business activities through innovative ideas like Print on Demand, whereby our books are printed only once ordered, and at a facility as close to the shipping destination as possible. In this way we distribute our use of resources and minimise our carbon footprint.

At our head office, we make use of solar power and harvested rainwater, and use renewable resources. Our toys are handmade in South Africa, in small batches, from natural fabrics and materials that are sourced sustainably wherever possible.

Our clothing and accessories line are made from innovative fabrics inspired by Blue Economy Technologies, offering a new concept in the sustainable fashion industry.