Our Toys

The delightful characters encountered in Gunter’s Fables now come to life through this exclusive toy collection.

The collection, that includes dolls, animals, plants, fungi, algae and bacteria, are designed by Katherina Bach, Creative Director and illustrator of the Gunter’s Fables books.

Each toy, produced in collaboration with Soulplay, is lovingly handmade from natural materials and has a unique personality. The collection is manufactured in South Africa, using natural fibres such as wool, mohair, cotton, organic rice and non-toxic dyes, as part of the Magenta Cycle.

Apart from bringing joy and a sense of fun to children and adults alike, the toys convey the message of caring for the environment, and aim to inspire children from an early age to lead more sustainable lives and help effect change all over the world. The foundation of the fables, as well as of the toy collection, is informed by Science and Nature and inspired by love and care for the planet and all its inhabitants.

Each doll in the toy collection has been created as a tribute to, and an acknowledgment of, children of different cultures from around the world. The dolls convey the message that, independent of culture or belief system, we all share the same goal of transforming the planet into a safe, sustainable place for all to live healthy, comfortable, secure and joyful lives.