ZERI Learning

Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives (ZERI) is a global network of creative minds seeking solutions to the ever-increasing problems of the world. It encourages us to “use what we have” and is inspired by the wisdom of ecosystems.

ZERI is geared towards the implementation of ideas that will improve the way we go about providing water, food, housing, healthcare, employment, energy and education, while simultaneously enhancing the environment. 

The ZERI Learning Initiative is based on the philosophy, principles and guidance of ZERI, and was designed by Gunter Pauli with the contribution of members of the ZERI Network. It is inspired by many revolutionary minds such as that of Maria Montessori, Fritjof Capra, John Dewey, and Jean Piaget. The aim is to develop a desire to learn, a wish to get involved, a feeling of responsibility, and a commitment to find innovative and creative solutions for the modern world, in addition creating learning spaces for present and future generations. 

The ZERI network hubs take on and solve challenges that others may consider impossible or too complex. Starting with ideas, and based on Science, the collective vision shared by all members of the ZERI Network is to seek sustainable solutions for society; from unreached communities to corporations, and taking inspiration from Nature's innovative design principles. 

The ZERI community is constantly designing new and avant-garde solutions. The teams, or hubs, are drawn from many walks of life, expertise and experience. In 2016, ZERI was ranked as one of the most innovative think tanks in the world, by the University of Pennsylvania, coming in at #8 among the top ten think tanks.