106: I am Bored | English | Printed

by Gunter's Fables

In this Fable, we investigate the effects of industrial production on pigs and chickens as well as the evolution of agriculture to agro-industry. These animals are not meant to exist in such conditions and tend toward aggressive behaviour as a result because they are stressed and bored.

This Fable was inspired by Karl Ludwig Schweisfurth. Karl Ludwig created a foundation that carries his family name and formed a team to study ways of producing high quality food, while respecting the environment. He argued that the nutritional value and quality of meat from animals that have been treated badly could never be good.

Gunters Fables are structured to include the following learning guides and categories: Did you Know, Think about it, Teachers and Parents Guide, Academic Knowledge, Emotional Intelligence, The Arts, Systems: Making the Connections, Capacity to Implement and who the Fable is Inspired By!

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