14: Shiitake Love Caffeine | English | Printed

by Gunter's Fables

The world runs on coffee, right? But, most it is being thrown away! Our grounds can be used to grow mushrooms, and the mushrooms convert it into food for other animals, too. This Fable suggests that fungi make the food that earthworms can eat, earthworms prepare food for plants, and the cattle and humans eat the plants! Everyone works together and this way no one gets stressed by too much caffeine. 

This Fable was inspired by Professor Shu-Ting Chang, the Vice- President of the World Society for Mushroom Biology and Mushroom Products.

Gunter's Fables are structured to include the following learning guides and categories: Did You Know, Think About It, Teachers and Parents Guide, Academic Knowledge, Emotional Intelligence, The Arts, Systems: Making the Connections, Capacity to Implement and even who the fable is inspired by!

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