163: Pet or Prisoner | English | Printed

by Gunter's Fables

A chameleon and an iguana sit together and share their experiences about being removed from their natural habitats and the state of the reptile pet industry in the USA. This Fable sheds light on this billion dollar industry which is mostly unregulated and results in a multitude of issues. Should we be keeping undomesticated and wild animals as pets for our pleasure?

This Fable was inspired by Philipp-Emmanuel Pauli. He already decided, at the age of five, that he would one day like to have a career as a herpetologist. At home in Cape Town, he is learning to create a habitat around his home where frogs, geckos, lizards and even chameleons can thrive. He aims to restore their habitat, in order for him to be able to study them closely in their natural environment.

Gunters Fables are structured to include the following learning guides and categories: Did you Know, Think about it, Teachers and Parents Guide, Academic Knowledge, Emotional Intelligence, The Arts, Systems: Making the Connections, Capacity to Implement and who the Fable is Inspired By!

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