30: The Magic Hat | English | Printed

by Gunter's Fables

In our Fable "The Magic Hat" we tell the story of a resourceful magician who goes to a brewery and makes bread and grows mushrooms from the beer brewing's spent grain and then makes sausages with the mushrooms! This effectively converts waste streams into revenues as well as reducing the need for animal-based products! We say: “There is no reason for hunger in the world, natural systems are extremely productive.”

This Fable is inspired by Michael McBride. A tenacious entrepreneur who proved that a business can be run as a true Zero Emissions company.

Gunters Fables are structured to include the following learning guides and categories: Did you Know, Think about it, Teachers and Parents Guide, Academic Knowledge, Emotional Intelligence, The Arts, Systems: Making the Connections, Capacity to Implement and who the Fable is Inspired By!


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