39: Dressed Up in Algae | English | Printed

by Gunter's Fables

Cotton is the most common form of fabric, but it's not sustainable for the Earth. This Fable looks at the problems with cotton such as its massive water use and chemical needs. We offer two renewable and straightforward solutions; polyester made from algae and alginates from seaweed!

This Fable was inspired by Suzanne Lee. Her aim in life is to research new sources to replace hydrocarbons and water-intensive cotton, and to influence, enlighten and inspire the fashion industry and designers to do the same. 

Gunters Fables are structured to include the following learning guides and categories: Did you Know, Think about it, Teachers and Parents Guide, Academic Knowledge, Emotional Intelligence, The Arts, Systems: Making the Connections, Capacity to Implement and who the Fable is Inspired By!

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