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Gunter's Fables Energy Book / Libro Energía Hard Cover (English-Spanish) First Edition

Gunter's Fables Energy Book / Libro Energía Hard Cover (English-Spanish) First Edition

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Gunter's Fables

Pink Hardcover Book "Energy"

Number of Pages: 165

Full colour illustrations

Author Gunter Pauli

Illustrations Pamela Salazar Ocampo

Fables included:

The Zebra Zircon - El Ventilador de las Cebras

Cold Feet - Pies Frios

Can Apples Fly - Manzanas Voladoras

Going Against the Current - Contra la Corriente

The 5 Kingdoms of Nature - Los 5 Reinos de la Naturaleza

Teacher and Parent Guide

This PINK volume covers some of the intricacies of energy. It is a surprise that today we prefer to consume energy (mostly fossil fuels) for activities that have previously been addressed in many other ways by many cultures. For example, igloos in the Arctic or dwelling places in the dessert took advantage of natural temperature and humidity controls that did not require thermostats or fossil fuels but worked based on the laws of physics.

We have opted for a highly centralised energy system, with high voltage transmission lines. Even the engineers agree that a great deal (perhaps as much as half) of the energy is lost in the transmission process. We need to observe better and learn from the highly decentralised and localised generation and consumption of energy that occurs in nature.

These fables provide an enjoyable way to expose our children to the beauty and complexity of energy system. The power of educational ethics creates a platform for children to make better and more sustainable choices than their parents ever imagined. We can enjoy reading these fables with our kids and others and plant the seeds that will lead them to think of and sustain natural systems. The world will be delighted to harvest the results.