Gunter's Fables Ethics and Education Book / Libro Etica y Educación (English - Spanish) First Edition

by Gunter's Fables

This INDIGO volume covers part of the need for ethical education. It is evident to children that parents too often follow a double standard: how can you put a thief in jail for stealing while a company executive gets awarded for polluting? How can the Theory of Evolution have ever been simplified to the survival of the fittest? Or, is the next generation prepared to embark on a lifestyle in which cooperation and competition can develop in parallel?

We should accept there is wealth in diversity, based on biosystems and cultures. We do have a common purpose to preserve life on Earth, to live and let live, so that future generations can enjoy this and more. There is great value in knowing how to differ, while maintaining integrity. 

The key to the future depends on real learning and not simply on education. A learning environment is one in which the teacher does not pretend to know all the answers; one in which everybody embarks on a common challenge: to provide for the basic needs of everybody with what we have available. These fables plant a few seeds that we will be delighted to harvest.


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