Gunter's Fables Food Book / Libro Alimentos Hard Cover (English - Spanish) First Edition

by Gunter's Fables

These fables have been designed to expose children to science. True science does not propose one truth. True science stimulates us to observe and ask questions about what we cannot understand or explain. 

Each fable highlights dozens of phenomena that we may never even notice. However, when listening to the fables, some children will observe, others will dream, and all will start to connect their personal experiences (emotional intelligence), express their impressions and feelings (artistic intelligence), and unravel the linkages few have observed before (systems intelligence); hopefully all this will motivate each child to take appropriate actions. The most important expression of a responsible citizen is “making a difference”.

These fables have been designed as a system through their content and illustrations. They cover approximately 1,500 scientific subjects and have obvious and hidden connections that let the mind flow freely. Over time, motivated readers will develop their own thinking and creativity. 

This GREEN volume covers some of the wonders and complexities of food. We ingest food that provides us with energy and nutrients (minerals and vitamins, essential amino acids), and if we are lucky, wonderful tastes created by an ingenious cook. However, we all know too well that over a billion people go hungry every day. As the world population increases, many people grow richer and move up the food chain in their eating habits. This affects negatively our ability to respond to the food needs of all of us.

Food science is moving quickly to find ways to produce more food. Genetic manipulation has been tried hoping that it can solve the challenges of plentiful food supply... We need to ask, however, if such genetically manipulated foods contribute to our children’s health. What about foods that includes added hormones and chemicals? 

These fables provide an enjoyable way to expose our children to the beauty and complexity of the food system. The power of educational ethics creates a platform for children to make better and more sustainable choices than their parents ever imagined. We can enjoy reading these fables with our children and others and plant the seeds that will lead them to think of and sustain natural systems. The world will be delighted to harvest the results.


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