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About the Fables

Welcome to the world of Gunter's Fables, stories lovingly created for children from all over the world. The fables are based on scientific fact, and inspire young readers to become involved …. This is a place where you can search, choose, explore and understand the fantastic world and wisdom of Gunter Pauli, and his vision about learning, education and the future of planet earth.

Learning in systems
Children will have the ability to think, design, create and dream in systems, and will be exposed from very young to systems thinking. The complexity of systems thinking must grow, over time, in the child's long-term memory and must be combined with an emotional richness in learning, which is achieved through the magic and charm of the stories; In this way, the synergy that requires a process of integral growth is generated.

Generate questions versus providing answers
Gunter's Fables are written in such a way that they lead to critical thinking, and generate questions, as opposed to simply providing answers.
The arts
The arts, visual, music and dance, are a fundamental part of every child's development. Children enjoy singing, dance and creating art in a myriad of different media. Each book includes arts activities that will bring out the true artist in every child.

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